How Concentration Can Bring You Wealth

Pick up a magnifying glass and bring it outside. Then find a small stick and hold the glass over the stick for at least a few minutes. In a little while you see that the rays of the sun being concentrated in time begin to light the little stick on fire.

Just as it is for the rays of the sun when concentrated to strike fire to a given area,just so the rays of your mind can be concentrated to bring unlimited amounts of wealth into your life.

Micheal Jordan he is the greatest basketball player of all time. However, at some point in time he wasn’t. Funny and impossible as it seems Micheal Jordan actually didn’t even make his junior varsity team.

Micheal Jordan was a good player but didn’t become Micheal Jordan until he began to concentrate all his mental energies toward playing the game of basketball.

It all changed when he began to eat, sleep, live basketball. All of his thoughts pertained to basketball and so did his actions. He was the first to arrive to practice and the last to leave. He spent hours and hours looking over game film and even began to lift weights so that his body would be in the best shape possible to play basketball. Basketball had taken over his mind and the results were something we have never seen before and are likely to never see ever again.

The billionaire Mark Cuban said it as well that ” the sport of making money was played for 24 hours 7 days 365 days a year, and here lies the secret to the creation of his enormous wealth.

Thomas Edison who was arguably the world’s greatest inventor had a mind that was so immersed into his work that he would think of nothing else. When Edison was trying to invent the light-bulb he would decided that nothing outside of achieving that goal was worth his time. He decided that if he did not find out how to make the light-bulb then he would do nothing else and that is history.

Even many of you who have entered into colleges and universities understand the power of concentration. I can remember committing social suicide day 1 of college. You no longer have a life,you no longer have any interests and you no longer have any friends (it seems). It’s like you are in class all day long and when you get home, all you are doing is homework. Yeah I know it sucks but it is the way to have success in your studies.

I’m not telling you that you need to be one of the worlds greatest people and devote your every moment to making money or some special project. However, I am telling you of a secret that great men have used to achieve their goals in life. A secret that you too can use in your life to achieve your financial goals.

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