List Building – The Barrier To Online Success

When you begin to build your online business you will probably come across guru’s telling you how they struggled for months, years before they finally made all the millions that they claim to make and finally they are going to reveal this secret to you.

Now if you have been online for any period of time, you may have started with one of these guru’s programs and found that their system hasn’t worked. So you then tried another guru’s program with the same result. Each time you believed that you will find the answer in the next product that you try.

One of the main reason why many people fail in their online venture boils down to one key factor, the list. This is the guru’s secret and each time you join their list they sell you their next product and continue to make money from you. Some products will tell you that you don’t need a list to be successful but every successful person online has a list and it is probably big list.

So now that you have worked out this key factor to online success, you are probably wondering how these gurus have built up their lists and how you can do so too? Building a list can take time and money. Experienced marketers have been building their lists over many years.

How Do They Build A Huge List?
Using their authority site they offer a free eBook or report which they send out in return for your email address. If they make any sales they will store your email on their list and will send out offers to you. Experienced marketers will continue to build a relationship with all the people on their list. They will do this by emailing their list regularly. Soon people on their list get used to seeing emails from them and begin to regard them as a friend. They build up a relationship of trust with them. One of the keys to making sales is to recognize that people will buy from those that they know, like and trust.

This is the secret to online success. If you wish to test it out for yourself, then find the name of any guru in your niche and sign up to their list. Make a note of how often they email you and what offers they will try to sell you. Notice how many relationship building emails they send you before they send out an offer that they would like you to buy.

You will soon realize that building a list is how the gurus continue to make their money online. A list provides repeat and ever ready customers at the push of a button. On average, marketers advise that for every person on their list they can expect to make $1 per person. So the bigger the list the bigger the income.

By now, you may probably ask, what is the best way to build your list?

There are many ways that you could go about this and one factor will be your budget. The quickest way to build a list is through solo ads but this method can be costly and there is no guarantee on the results.

As a result many try to use free methods to build up their list. Free methods do work but they can be slow and can take a lot of time. With free methods you would use classified advertising sites where you can place free adverts about your business opportunity. In order to find out more about your opportunity, people will need to provide you with their email address. Each email you receive is called a lead. The more leads that you receive the bigger your list will become, but you will need to place a lot of free adverts to get the results that you will need to build your list.

You could run a blog. You would place an opt in box on your blog, offering a free report or your newsletter. This method does work but you will need to have lots of traffic to your site and you need to offer something that will solve people’s problems to make them want to give you their email address.

Another way to start to build your list is to use a list builder, sometimes called safe lists. List builders are basically online businesses whose sole purpose is to help you advertise your business opportunity and to build your own list. There are a multitude of list builders available online and it may be confusing to decide which to join Many of these offer a free service and this will allow you to mail your offer out to their list every couple of days. As well, as free options, you can also upgrade to a paid membership which will provide you with additional benefits such as being able to email your offer out more frequently. In order to participate in these lists, you often are required to view some of these bulk emails. You will find this more so if you are a free member as this will be one of the ways that will allow you to build up enough credits to enable you to send out your own email to the safe list. As you agree to receive these emails it is not considered spam.

One of the newer list builders on the market is called the 5 Day Fortune. This was created by an experienced internet marketer called Steve Dawson. Realizing that one of the biggest causes of failure for online businesses was linked to not having a list and the time that it took to create a list, he created this system. The 5 Day Fortune System aims to help people build a list within five days and to earn an income whilst doing do.

This seems like a huge claim. Instead of requiring you to build a list of thousands of people, the 5 Day Fortune system works on the power of five. It requires you to share this system with five people who in turn share with five people. Part of the attraction of the 5 Day Fortune system is that you get paid to build your list.

This is my understanding of how you build a list in five days using this system which will allow you to make an income online. In order to build a list you will require a list building tool known as an auto responder. When you join the 5 Day Fortune system, you will need to sign up for the GVO auto responder product. You are able to try this system for $1 for 7 days. Thereafter the system will cost you $9.95 each month. This is for the use of the auto responder as well as the other services, such as web hosting. For each referral who signs up to your list, you will receive a commission when they sign up to the GVO auto responder. You also earn a commission from the people who are in your next down line’s list. So no longer do you need to build a list of thousands to see any return, that is the theory anyway.

This system might not feel so daunting for those starting out and will allow them the chance to continue to build their list whilst earning an income at the same time. The biggest barrier to success online is linked to the all mysterious list building.

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