Internet Access and The Future Of Online Voting Considered

After this hair-raising 2016 Presidential Election and all the talk about “Voter Fraud” of voting machines, illegal aliens voting, dead people casting ballots, electoral college reneging, and the CIA talking about WMD, whoops I mean Russians Hacking our election process, one has to wonder if any of our votes ever get counted or that voting even matters? Well, if you think our election process is unsafe now, just wait until in the future everyone votes online or via their smart phone. Yes, it’s coming, and it is obviously a logical progression of our technology, but can we make it safe from hacking?

Recently, our think tank was discussing this and a fellow thinker stated that some people, poor people might not be able to vote due to the digital divide, thus, it would be unfair to the poor and African American community, here are his thoughts on this:

“My only problem on the digital divide between lower and higher incomes is this; the government may permit $8.25 per month to pay for Internet access but that only works if you have a smart phone or a computer and then on top of that you have to pay for the wireless router if you want that Internet access in your home. I see a couple things that the government doesn’t necessarily pay for. I think that we could completely avoid this problem all together by having both the app for voting and still having the human run physical voting establishments at the same time.”

Yes, I am not in-favor of the FCC subsidizing Internet Access either, because users have to pay for this, just like all those extra charges on your phone bill that no one can figure out. There are plenty of open-WiFi systems at Starbucks, McDonalds, Libraries, Government Buildings, etc. – so, more give-aways just means more government, and more people relying on government, plus if government gives you Internet Access, they automatically have a right to peruse the data, even if meta-data, which we all know can easily identify the individual based on their past usage. What if, everyone gets a text message to vote, then within 24-hours they need to vote for it to be counted? By that time they would have gone online to post on Facebook, made a phone call, etc. Those without cell phones, still are a challenge, but in fact, those are the very people who’d vote for free-stuff anyway, not that anyone should be excluded, I am still underwhelmed at the thought that someone can be drafted at 18 but cannot vote against a war while 17 and that you cannot drink until 21 but we are to trust those voters to vote for a President?

Maybe everyone should be polled, and those under voting age would have their surveys and percentages put into a separate category as to not malign them accidentally, plus they’d get used to using the system. The average 13 year old has a cell phone of some type now.

Yes, although our Think Tank could not figure out the answer to this challenge, it just shows you how tough our future might be when it comes to secure and safe elections. Please think on this.

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10 Ways You Can Create Good Website Content

The content on your website should inform, educate and engage your prospects while developing your authority with your audience. Also, when you post new online content it attracts the search engine crawlers. The more pages of a website those crawlers index the more traffic they can bring to your website.

Here are 10 ways you can create good website content.

1. Identify Your ‘Why’

Each piece of content you post on your website must have a reason for being there. If you don’t know what the point is, it’ll be hard to get anyone to take action.

2. Understand Your Audience

When you produce any content it’s crucial that you know who you’re creating it for. Try developing an audience avatar and write the content for that one person rather than creating it for a unidentified person that you don’t know. This can help you develop very personalized content that gets results.

3. Stay Updated

You may think that you know your niche but things change over time as technology improves and styles change. Keep up to date in your industry so that you’re ready for changes that may occur.

4. Keep An Eye On Your Competition

Join your competitor’s mailing lists, and look at the content they’re sending out. Can you identify if it’s working well for them or not? How can you do it better?

5. Know the Buying Process

There’s a set buying process that your audience will go through, even if they don’t realize it. It’s important to recognize where people are in the buying process. Generally it’s a five stage process:

Information Search
Plus, after purchase your customer will decide if they will buy from you again.
6. Improve Your Strategy

Take the time to work on improving your strategy to make it work better. Base this on the information and facts you have about your customers, your niche, your products and your customer’s buying process.

7. Be Consistent

To ensure that the content on your website will get results, it’s important to post content on a consistent basis.

8. Promote Your Content

If you don’t let people know that your content is out there, you’ll get a lot less positive results from it. Post it to your social media sites and email it out to your subscriber list. You can even promote it via pay-per-click ads.

9. Create Engaging Content

No one wants to consume boring content. Ensure that the content matches the needs of your audience, speaks to them on their terms and provides value in and of itself to your audience.

10. Mix It Up

The more variety that you provide to your audience, the more engagement you will get. Don’t limit your website content to just text. Content can be read, watched and listened to. It can be an article, a blog post, a report, an eBook, an online course, an audio file or a video.

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Traffic Building – Oh the Insustainability of it All

Traffic building is a primary goal of virtually every business website on the World Wide Web. The problem many businesses encounter is the practices they insist on using do not connect well with long-term traffic building objectives.

For example, some businesses will insist on purchasing email lists and using these lists to conduct one shot email marketing campaigns. Sure, there will be a certain percentage of recipients who will visit their website and there will be a lesser percentage who actually make a purchase, but the end result is a boost in traffic.

Various advertising techniques such as Pay Per Click (PPC) are used to bolster traffic-building objectives, but the end result may be a smaller Return on Investment (ROI) than the site owner may be willing to accept as fair and equitable.

There is a term used in energy and natural resources that makes sense in the world of traffic building. That term is sustainability. When a site owner is seeking long-term strategies for traffic building they need to look at what strategies are sustainable.

What strategies can perpetually bring traffic to a site without requiring constant care and financial resources?

Organic Ezines – The use of information and personally culled email addressed make for a combination that allows you to connect with the largest number of motivated consumers. These consumers often look forward to your latest issue and are happy to gain insight and information on subjects they are interested in.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO strategies are particularly well suited to bringing sustainable traffic to your website. If you optimize your site well you should expect the potential for perpetual traffic.

Directories – Taking the time to submit your site information to a variety of directories makes it possible to see further sustainability in cyber traffic.

The primary rule for many of these strategies is they cost more in time than they do money. Conversely strategies that require less time always seem to cost more money.

The shoot-from-the-hip approach to traffic building is an approach that requires constant attention and creative thinking. In fact, you shouldn’t be surprised if these approaches yield fewer results than you hope for. When that happens many site owners are tempted to push the envelope and develop strategies that many consider spamming.

When you take time at the start of your online business to develop traffic building strategies the end results are not only likely to be dramatically better they are also more likely to be sustainable.

With the growth of your traffic you will also find a parallel with increased sales.

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Profitable Traffic Building – 7 Ways to Advance in Traffic Building

Profitable traffic building is the key to success in Internet business. If you want to increase your profits, you have to increase your traffic. Through this article you are presented with 7 ways to advance in traffic building.

1. One of the most fundamental ways to advance towards profitable traffic building is to learn the ins and outs of creating content for a website that has been search engine optimized.

2. Additionally, when it comes to profitable traffic building, you must also learn techniques pertaining to meta-tags and meta-tag creation and placement.

3. Moreover, an important aspect of profitable traffic building in this day and age is learning how to create appropriate domain names that will draw traffic to a site.

4. Profitable traffic building also depends upon an ability to create and implement a quality link building program. Again, the key here is quality – any link building efforts need to be quality in nature.

5. Profitable traffic building efforts need to be part of a comprehensive website promotion plan or program. You cannot work on building traffic to a site in a vacuum.

6. You need to be open minded and willing to consider new options when it comes to working towards profitable traffic building and drawing people to your website venue.

7. Finally, if you have questions about what you are considering doing, understand that there are people available who can give you useful and professional advice, guidance and assistance.

Seven simple ways which you will now need to put into action.

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10 Effective Web Design Principles

As Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not just what it looks like feels like. The design is how it works. “functionality and the serviceability, not the visual design, determine the success or failure of a website. The visitor of the page is the only person who is looking for information regarding a product or a service.

With a click of a mouse the visitor decides, the user-centric design is the necessity for success and profit-oriented web design.

We will focus on main elements of web design, lateral thinking and result oriented approaches for effective web design which can lead to more sophisticated decisions, as a result, simplifying the process of comprehending the presented information.

Before seeing the guidelines for effective web design, it is important to know, what users think when they interact with a website.

The behaviour of the user, when he or she interacts with a website, is similar to a customer interacting with a store. Visitors glance at each page, text and images. They narrow down to clickable links which catch their interests.

Most users when they visit a web page they are looking for a specific information, product or service.

  • Users Like Quality: If a web page provides quality content, then it is compromised with advertisements and design of the web page. One should remember that a mix of good design and quality content, is needed to drive relevant traffic on the webpage.
  • Most Users Scan The Webpage: When a user visits a web page they scan the webpage for the information which fulfils their needs.
  • Web Users are Impatient and They What Instant Gratification: If the content on the webpage is not properly structured and if the visitor is not able to get the required information within the first three seconds. Then the chances of users exiting the webpage increases.
  • Users Don’t Make The Best Choices: Web page visitors don’t go page by page to search for the required information, rather they scan the web page and the link, which satisfies their requirement and they jump to it.
  • Web Users Follow Their Individual Intuitive Feeling: Most users scan the web page instead of reading line by line. According to the information architect Steve Krug, it is mainly because the users don’t care. “If we find something that works, we stick to it. It doesn’t matter to us if we understand how things work, as long as we can use them. If your audience is going to act like you’re designing a complex design, then create a great design which makes users think.”

Now, having seen the users behaviour, next we are going to checklist the web designing principles

  1. Don’t Make Users Think too Much: According to Krug’s first law of usability, the web page should be self-explanatory, it should contain answers to most of the questions which users can get after going through the web page. If the navigation and website architecture isn’t designed properly, the user will find it difficult to comprehend how the system works. A well thought and structured design along with clear and concise quality content direct the user towards availing the services or making a purchase. Thus, well-planned structure reduces the mental load. Once this is achieved, it will be easy for the user to navigate through the website.
  2. Use Minimum Fill in Forms: In every project which is designed to cater to the specific needs of the user, try to keep users requirements minimal. First-time visitors will like if they don’t have to fill in long forms to try out your service. Basically, remove all barriers, a user registration using a long fill in the form is enough to cut down on the incoming traffic.
  3. Divert users attention towards your USP: A website contains both static and dynamic content, some aspects of the user interface are more attractive than others. Attractive content, images and videos should be used to attract customers towards your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).
  4. Strive for Attractive Content-Rich Interface: Modern web designers focus more on the visually appealing interface, and they neglect architecture of the web page and content. A good mix of design, layout and content will drive more quality traffic to the webpage.
  5. Strive for Simplicity and Effective Writing: The content on the web page should be clear, concise and properly structured. As it helps the user to find the required information easily.
  6. Innovate But Not Distract: An impressive web design uses innovation and creativity. Use white spaces or negative spaces as per the requirement. A white space is the area of the page that is empty, mainly used between the images and videos.
  7. Aesthetically Appealing – Target As Per The Niche: Every industry or segment caters to specifically targeted customers based on factors like age, geography and gender. The design of the web page should be explicitly designed to target selected niche.
  8. Build Online Credibility and Trust: Nowadays everybody is present on social platforms, users and business enterprises both. Use your web page to build trust and credibility on social platforms. A testimonial from the existing clients is a great way to do this.
  9. Optimized Web Page: Web page should be optimized to load faster without compromising on quality factor.
  10. Responsive Web Design: Due to increase in handheld devices and data penetration. Mobile devices are the main source of traffic on the website. Web pages should be responsive to load in any device irrespective of the screen size.

Thus, a web page should be designed keeping in mind, the user and business needs. Use these web design principles to get an aesthetically appealing and result oriented web page.

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Why Your Business Needs a “Responsive Web Design”

Today, the web is not only limited to desktop. According to Statista, there won’t be less than 2.9 billion smartphone users by the end of 2019. With the “ever increasing” number of smartphone users daily, more and more people are browsing internet solely via smartphones. Yes, more than 60% of searches online now come from a mobile device.

Can you remember the last time you visited any website on your smartphone and shut that website simply because it was not looking good on the screen of your smartphone? It was likely not a pleasant experience. What if that was your website? You would be feeling nauseous about it.

Responsive web design isn’t a fashion anymore, rather it’s a must. Today, if your website isn’t efficient enough to serve screen of multiple devices, it’s going to incur you lose in ways you might haven’t imagined. Hence, it is very essential for you to have a “responsive web design” for your blazing idea.

When it all started…

It was the year of 2010, when a web designer named, Ethan Marcotte first coined the term, “responsive web design.” In those days, web developers used to build different sites to accommodate all the tribes of devices out there in the market.

With the increasing number of “tribes” of devices, this way didn’t seem much efficient to create websites. That is when the trend of responsive web design came to life.

Responsive web design offers us a way forward, finally allowing us to design for the ebb and flow of things.

-Ethan Marcotte

After all What’s the Definition of Responsive Web Design?

According to Ethan, a responsive design is composed of three distinct parts:

1. A flexible grid.

2. Flexible images. Or more specifically, media that works in a flexible context (whether fluid themselves, or perhaps controlled via overflow).

3. Media queries. The final layer of a responsive design, media queries optimize the design for different viewing contexts, and spot-fix bugs that occur at different resolution ranges.

“A responsive design simply means a website that feels great on any device of your choice.”

Here’s Why You Should Consider the Thought of Having a Responsive Website:

Because it looks amazing! The first compelling reason you should consider the thought of having a responsive website is because responsiveness can make your site look simply amazing!

Having a responsive website, can also help to engage your users, thereby leaving them with a good impression about your brand as a whole.

1. Deliver Excellent UX:

With a responsive website, you can deliver the most luxurious user experience to your end users. No one likes to sit in front of an “ever loading” broken or a shrunken website. With a responsive design, you can deliver the most amazing UX that will make your users fall in love with your brand. Today, most of the web design companies offer responsive website design to better serve their clients.

2. Reach the Farthest End of the Corner:

With a responsive website design, you can reach people who don’t have the luxury to surf internet via a personal computer. Responsive web design will help you address all the users out there searching for you. This can help to increase traffic on your website. Not only that, it will also help you to boost your ranking in Google.

3. Reduce Maintenance Cost:

Initially, if you were to hire a website design company they would create two separate versions for any website – one for mobile and the other for desktop devices. What this did was it increased the overall effort and maintenance cost for keeping both the versions updated. However, if you have a responsive web design, you will be able to manage your website much efficiently and easily, with least resources.

Final words, now you know how crucial it is to have a responsive web design for your website. If you want your business to grow in leaps and bounds, you must consider the thought of having a responsive website. If you want help in making your website responsive, there are many companies out there who offer responsive web design services to help you make your website look exceptional.

Companies that offer responsive web design services can also help you in building a separate mobile app for your website that can help you grow your business up to no limits.

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Harnessing the Power of Google My Business


Yep, that’s right, it’s completely FREE. There are no paid upgrades or premium listings, you just need to create an account, fill in your business details and verify you’re the business owner and you’re ready to go. Verification is accomplished by having a postcard sent to the business address with a verification code which you can then input and verify your listing, this process normally takes around 2 weeks, and if you make any changes to the address you will need to reverify.

Increase Your Visibility

Considering the cost, GMB is probably the best of all the listings and directories, in the UK we have companies such as Yell and Google Map Pack ListingThomson Local, who claim to produce miraculous results in bringing in leads and sales for a ‘small’ fee. With GMB though, you can easily show as the first business for your area in the local map pack with a well-optimised profile, including images, opening hours etc. this, in turn, means that more customers will see your company online and should then increase your website traffic, calls and walk-ins depending on the type of business you have. What Yell and Thomson Local won’t do is give you that level of visibility for free.

Make It Easy For Customers to Get in Touch

Depending on your type of business you will value certain business interactions differently. I prefer to receive phone calls, while other businesses will prefer people to physically visit their store. What GMB does is make sure that your contact details are clearly visible to anyone who sees your business either as part of the map pack or the knowledge graph (more about these later). As part of the map pack, you get your company name, phone number, reviews, locality and a map marker showing your location, plus the options to visit your website or get directions to your business.

It’s Constantly Evolving and Growing

I’m not entirely sure how recent the new features are but I’ve only just started seeing them on the profiles I manage in the UK. The most interesting new feature which is available on some profiles is the ability now to create blog posts, including a featured image, up to 300 words and a button to link to your site, offer or anything you fancy. These can be also used for creating specific offers or events. Another recent feature has been the ability to add a description for your business, plus you are also able to add your services to your profile (I’m not too sure where the services actually show up though).

An Online Gallery for Everyone

Your GMB listing can act as your online image portfolio, allowing you to add a seemingly unlimited amount of photos to your profile, including adding your company logo and cover images, you can also tag each photo by location, such as interior, exterior, at work, team, and identity, and even add videos to your profile. One key feature that many businesses will find useful is the fact that customers can also add photos of your business as well, which is especially useful for many tourism and events based businesses. This gives you the chance to really showcase your business online with product images, interior images or even images of your team hard at work.

Collect Reviews

One thing that a lot of potential customers will now look to for confidence in a brand are reviews, and Google My Business does an excellent job of giving customers a platform to leave a review about an experience working with a company or a product or service for a company. Business owners can also easily respond to reviews which helps to build a rapport with your customers, especially if you value repeat custom.

Insights and Knowledge Graph

What Google does really well here is it provides you with valuable insights such as how many people have viewed your business, where they viewed it and what actions they took. It’s obviously not as comprehensive as something like Google Analytics but it’s interesting to know the details of who’s viewing your business profile. The knowledge graph panel also seems to be constantly evolving and it is shown usually when you type in the name of a verified business, it uses Schema markup for a lot of its data and can also show your reviews, social media profiles, a platform for customers to ask questions about your company and also shows your business description from your profile.

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Mencari Sebuah Kesenangan Dari Sebuah Permainan Togel Online Terpercaya


Tentu saja dari beberapa mereka yang kesehariannya sangat dipadati oleh sebuah kesibukan yang begitu padat ingin mencari kesenangan yang mungkin menjadi sebuah hobi mereka, salah satunya adalah dengan bermain judi online. Dari beberapa survei kami terhadap para member yang sudah tergabung banyak dari mereka bermain judi online ini adalah dengan alasan ingin mengisi kekosongan dan mencari sebuah kesenangan dari keseharian mereka yang disibukan oleh pekerjaan. Walaupun memang berfikir seperti itu mereka juga sudah pasti mengharapkan sesuatu dari yang mereka mainkan tersebut apalagi jika bukan kemenangan. Dan hal ini memang sangatlah sulit dipisahkan dari suatu game yang sering dimainkan oleh seluruh masyarakat. Kami sebagai agen situs slot terpercaya ingin memberitahukan kepada anda bahwa tidak hanya melulu tentang sebuah kemenangan saja, semua akan terasa sia-sia bila anda tidak mengertikan apa yang sedang anda mainkan. Contoh hal dari permainan togel terpercaya yang saat ini ingin kita bahas guys, anda tidak akan bisa memenangkan permainan ini bila anda tidak mengerti apa yang akan anda mainkan, dan hal tersebut tidak perlu anda khawatirkan.

Permainan togel online juga menyediakan beberapa jenis permainan yang dimana nantinya anda bisa mencari salah satu type permainan yang mungkin menurut anda mudah dimainkan. Dengan kemudahan tersebut anda jangan menganggap bahwa permainan ini bisa begitu saja anda menangkan, harus bisa melihat dan mengerti dari permainan ini dahulu jika memang anda ingin mendapatkan sebuah kemenangan yang benar-benar diharapkan. Dengan begitupun tentu saja kesenangan yang anda harapkan tercapai dengan sempurna dan bisa menghilangkan rasa stres yang dialami anda dari hari-hari yang dipenuhi kesibukan. Dan nantinya apabila memang anda sudah sangat sering memainkan sebuah permainan togel singapura maka anda pun sudah pasti akan mengetahui seperti apa jalan permainan ini dan bagaimana anda bisa memenangkannya, karena sebuah permainan togel tidak bisa begitu saja langsung anda mengerti dengan cepat.


Perlu sedikit waktu untuk bisa anda mengerti tentang permainan ini karena memang dimana dari rumusan yang dikeluarkan oleh pihak bandar togel online tidaklah mudah dimengerti begitu saja, perlu waktu untuk bisa anda pahami. Akan tetapi bila memang anda cepat dalam membaca suatu pengeluaran yang ada hal tersebut juga sangatlah mendukung tingkat kemenangan anda dalam bermain togel terpercaya nantinya. Menurut kami hal tersebut menjadi salah satu poin penting yang memang harus bisa anda ketahui terlebih dahulu sebelum memulai suatu permainan, karena tidak mungkin jika anda bertujuan untuk mencari sebuah kesenangan yang bersifat untuk mencari kesenangan dan nantinya malah hanya membuat anda menjadi beban serta stres, hal ini yang harus harus tetap bisa dikedepan untuk anda yang semata ingin mencari sebuah kemenangan dan juga kesenangan bukan malah menghadapi permasalahan apalagi sampai kekalahan yang begitu besar yang nantinya akan membaut anda semakin jenuh. Mungkin apa yang sudah kami sampaikan ini bisa menjadi suatu bahan bacaan yang kedepannya dapat berguna dan bermanfaat bagi anda, tidak terkecuali dapat mebantu anda dalam meraih sebuah kemenangan yang sangat ingin anda dapatkan ketika melangsungkan permainan ini.


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Top Internet Money Making Ideas To Choose From

Does the corporate world bore you already? Are you thinking of quitting but do not have a plan how to earn an income? Does your current 9-5 job punish you every day? The internet has a lot of ways and ideas to give you in order to earn money for a living.

You’ll find many suggestions on online business opportunities. Some are legit and some are suspect. You need to be able to assess them with a logical mind to be able to filter out the ones that don’t deserve your attention. If you want something that has the potential to give you an income big enough to allow you to give up your day job, consider the following ideas for an Internet business.

1. Online selling – You can set up an e-commerce site or even just sell through places like eBay and Etsy. You can source your merchandise from other people or simply make your own items to sell.

2. Affiliate marketing – You’ll be marketing other people’s products or services and earning through commission. You can use your email, blog, and other social media to tap into this opportunity.

3. Online consultation service – Do you consider yourself an authority in an industry or niche with the necessary expertise and experience to dole out coaching or advice and be paid for it? If you do, this could be a great gig for you.

4. Network marketing – Now, don’t jump to conclusions. This opportunity got some bad press when pyramid schemes came to light. Network marketing is a legitimate business opportunity that involves actual goods like health products from Amway or 4Life. A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, is simply a money game. You can basically use the Internet to recruit people for your downline as well as sell products.

5. Online franchise – Whether you’ll be providing a service or selling products, this is a solid investment idea with an established name, system, and support as its primary edge.

6. Stock photos – If you have an eye of a photographer then you can venture in selling your photos to legit stock/photo websites. The earnings are not guaranteed high in the beginning the process is promising in the long run.

Whatever opportunity you end up choosing, be prepared to invest time and effort in it. In some cases, some capital may be necessary, too. At any rate, your commitment and dedication would be paramount to the success of your online venture.

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How Concentration Can Bring You Wealth

Pick up a magnifying glass and bring it outside. Then find a small stick and hold the glass over the stick for at least a few minutes. In a little while you see that the rays of the sun being concentrated in time begin to light the little stick on fire.

Just as it is for the rays of the sun when concentrated to strike fire to a given area,just so the rays of your mind can be concentrated to bring unlimited amounts of wealth into your life.

Micheal Jordan he is the greatest basketball player of all time. However, at some point in time he wasn’t. Funny and impossible as it seems Micheal Jordan actually didn’t even make his junior varsity team.

Micheal Jordan was a good player but didn’t become Micheal Jordan until he began to concentrate all his mental energies toward playing the game of basketball.

It all changed when he began to eat, sleep, live basketball. All of his thoughts pertained to basketball and so did his actions. He was the first to arrive to practice and the last to leave. He spent hours and hours looking over game film and even began to lift weights so that his body would be in the best shape possible to play basketball. Basketball had taken over his mind and the results were something we have never seen before and are likely to never see ever again.

The billionaire Mark Cuban said it as well that ” the sport of making money was played for 24 hours 7 days 365 days a year, and here lies the secret to the creation of his enormous wealth.

Thomas Edison who was arguably the world’s greatest inventor had a mind that was so immersed into his work that he would think of nothing else. When Edison was trying to invent the light-bulb he would decided that nothing outside of achieving that goal was worth his time. He decided that if he did not find out how to make the light-bulb then he would do nothing else and that is history.

Even many of you who have entered into colleges and universities understand the power of concentration. I can remember committing social suicide day 1 of college. You no longer have a life,you no longer have any interests and you no longer have any friends (it seems). It’s like you are in class all day long and when you get home, all you are doing is homework. Yeah I know it sucks but it is the way to have success in your studies.

I’m not telling you that you need to be one of the worlds greatest people and devote your every moment to making money or some special project. However, I am telling you of a secret that great men have used to achieve their goals in life. A secret that you too can use in your life to achieve your financial goals.

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